Written by Amy Scalia



After all that 2020 dished out, there’s quite an appetite for the fresh start in 2021. But while calendars are changing overnight, the world we live in isn't. That’s why most Americans are ditching traditional New Year’s Resolutions for something deeper and more comforting this year. The usual resolutions to just hit the gym more or lose some weight are now being replaced with learning new skills, exploring new places, reflecting and recharging, and collecting moments not things. So, here’s to 2021, the year of the retreat. Read on for a few ideas on how to journey into this fresh new year full of fulfilling adventures and soothing comforts.



Refresh Your Space


First, let’s breathe some fresh new life into the space that’s been your hub for everything this past year. Grab some Palo Santo Sticks to clear out any negative energy or anxiety that’s been building up to make room for all the good, positive energy, creativity and mental healing coming your way. You can easily freshen up the look and feel of your space by switching out accessories like pillows and throws. Candles can also refresh your decor. The Kin Matcha Tea + Bergamot Candle comes in a beautiful jar that can be used afterwards for storing small items, or as a planter. The Wanderlust Quartz Candle has a hand-picked quartz crystal that remains after the burn. Scent is a powerful way to renew the ambiance of your space, so be sure to switch up scents throughout the year.



Refresh Your Mind


Nearly 60% of respondents in this recent study said their 2021 resolution involves wanting a more positive outlook at life. Whether you want to just clear the chaos and start journaling, or you’d like some time each day for meditation or mindfulness, these practices can help you focus on the present and positivity in your life.



Learning New Skills


More than 70% of those surveyed said they will be focusing on learning new life skills for their resolution this year. You could explore an interest in interior design, artisan cocktails and mixing tips, cooking and entertaining, or the healing power of nature.




Get Some Sleep


If you’re resolving to get better sleep, one thing that helps is to make an event of your nighttime routine. Enjoy a lavender DreamWeaver bath soak or bath bomb when you have a little extra time, or a Sleep Tight Roll On for a sense of calm and relaxation during your on-the-go days. Extend effects of that aromatherapy by diffusing a relaxing essential oil throughout the night. Block out light with a super-soft sleep mask, then cozy up under a weighted blanket to reduce stress and improve your sleep quality.



Get Outside


Have a goal to be more active and adventurous? Grab a Packable Parka so you’re ready for any weather, or a Sherpa Parka with backpack straps for easy carrying. For colder days, opt for the Stay Handy Gloves or Keep Cozy Fingerless Gloves to keep warm while keeping fingers free and useful. For sunny days, wear some sunglasses or a hat. And sun or not, don’t skip your SPF.



Diet and Exercise


Traditional diet and exercise still a resolution? Cook up a new beauty regimen as The Beauty Chef Book offers great ideas and recipes, combining the joy of cooking with the science of nutrition for glowing skin. Also, making your yoga practice area more inviting increases the likelihood of using it. Whether you're just beginning or a pro, there's a perfect yoga mat for you. Keep it fresh with this Yoga Mat Refresher with aromatic tea tree and lavender.


Focus on Progress


No matter what your resolution may be, it’s important to focus on progress not perfection. Avoid harsh deadlines to achieve these new goals. Rather, set some dates to check-in with yourself throughout the year to track and reflect on your progress. No matter how big or small the goal or progress, cheers to you and your softer, calmer, comfort-filled year of retreats ahead.