The natural rhythm of life is rooted in nature.

As the seasons pass from spring to summer and autumn to winter, nature highlights a need for you to be mindful of moving through life in a similar rhythm.

Nature shows you that there is a time to sow seeds and a time to grow. A time to reap the harvest and a time for rest and renewal.

Our modern, everyday life has moved us away from our natural rhythms, leaving behind the time for rest and renewal in the process.

With the stress and pressure to continually achieve and move forward, it is important to find the time to disconnect from the humdrum of life and instead connect to the comfort of living in the present moment.

Living without a pause gives you little opportunity to gather the strength and energy needed to effortlessly move through life.

Spending time in nature and reconnecting with your natural rhythms bring restoration to the body, mind and spirit. You can disconnect from your busy world, including technology, and connect to the self and the healing benefits being in tune with yourself bring.

In nature, winter is the most natural time of the year for rest and renewal. It’s a pregnant pause between the harvest of autumn and the explosion of spring. A time when the earth lies still and the trees are bare under the weight of layers of snow.

As the birds fly off in search of warmer lands and the wildlife hibernates, winter is nature’s season of peaceful silence. Life retreats inside of itself, and our natural world embraces a mindful stillness before the cycle of the seasons begins again.

Whether it's a walk in the wilderness of the mountains or a wander through a tranquil woodland, I love to wrap up warm and get outdoors during the winter season. To soak up the silence that I so rarely hear in everyday life.

As I breathe in the fresh air and listen to the crunch of snow underfoot echoing through the silence, a winter walk in nature has a meditative effect, and is the perfect tonic to nourish every part of me—body, mind, and spirit.

As the winds whistle through the trees, the bite of frost on the breeze clears my mind, leaves a hint of pink on my otherwise pale cheeks, and brings a sparkle to my eyes. I feel alive.

Nature creates an expansive space for you to be rather than do. To take a break from the outside world. To put down the mundane of everyday life and live in the moment, however fleeting.

It's a way to heal from the burnout that life can bring. To retreat inside to a place of silence and stillness. To find the calm and tranquil place within you that is usually missing in your life.

A place where you can feel free to be yourself without question or interference. To find comfort in your own skin, even as it’s wrapped in warm layers.

To find the simple joy of living, again. The opportunity just to be present. Time spent in nature will bring you back home to yourself—over and over again.