Written by Amy Scalia

It’s been a bumpy road navigating so many new-normals the past couple years, but there’s still something refreshing about the dawn of a new year. And now that the path is clearing a bit more, there’s some extra pep in our step as we trek into 2022.

You may be making resolutions for improved health and wellness, setting intentions to learn new skills, or making plans to explore new places. So, read on for a few ideas on how to embark into this fresh new year full of renewed confidence, soothing comforts, and fulfilling adventures.

Renewed Confidence
When you’re putting yourself out there for something new or unknown, or trying something you’ve never done before or don’t routinely do, it’s typically outside of your comfort zone. It’s not where you feel most confident. Comfort and confidence go hand-in-hand.

“When you’re comfortable, you’re naturally more confident, but it’s so good to put ourselves out there in uncomfortable situations to do the hard things and grow,” says Lindy Deal, UpWest’s Curator of Comfort. “That’s when you want to find comfort in other ways — like outfit choices — to build your confidence when you need a boost.”

Think yoga pants that keep everything in place. A trusty pair of jeans that fit just right. A dress that makes you feel pretty, or that sharp jacket that makes you feel put-together. “When you wear something you love, you hold your head a little bit higher,” Deal says.

Deal says some top tips for feeling your most comfortable and confident with what you wear are:
- Dress for your body type
- Opt for soft, breathable, comforting fabrics
- Choose colors and cuts you like and look best on you — don’t worry about what’s trendy

Soothing Comforts
Finding comfort goes beyond clothing, too. From self-care to better sleep, inspiring candles to stones that heal, cozy throws to a stress-relieving weighted blanket, there are lots of ways to make your home into a comforting sanctuary that helps you relax and recharge.

Taking a moment to notice and show gratitude for all your successes and positive changes along the way can also bring comfort. “Whether it’s a notebook, memos in your phone, or a journal with prompts to keep you inspired, like the Best Year Yet Journal,” says Deal. “It keeps the good vibes and motivation flowing when you see forward movement and can celebrate that progress — no matter how big or small.”

Fulfilling Adventures
Have a goal to be more active and adventurous in the new year? Want experiences that make you feel more alive? Getting outside is always a good idea. It improves your mental and physical wellbeing, helps you relax, and gives your brain a break from overstimulation. Venturing somewhere new keeps it exciting, but you don’t need to be traveling overseas or climbing mountains to feel adventurous.

“You’d be surprised with all the adventuring you can do close to home,” says Deal. “I love a good microadventure. They’re short, simple, inexpensive and local, but still fun, free-spirited, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.”

Before you head out, bundle up if it’s cold, so you can enjoy as much time as you’d like outside. Think activewear, a coat for all elements and comfortable accessories like a hat, gloves, and scarf. The key is layering up, knowing you can always remove items if you need to.

No matter what your resolution, goal or intentions for the new year may be, it’s important to focus on progress not perfection. Avoid stressful deadlines, and instead, set some time to check-in with yourself to track and reflect on your forward movement. No matter how big or small the goal or progress, cheers to stepping confidently into this comfort-filled year ahead.