Beginning a new year. It’s like taking a big, deep, restorative breath of fresh air once you’ve reached the summit. It’s peaceful here as you span this elevated perspective of the world around you. The peaks and valleys. You can see the places you’ve been and those you aspire to soon go.

As you visualize these next steps of your journey, also think of what will support and comfort you along the way. UpWest’s Curator of Comfort, Lindy Deal, offers advice and helpful insight into setting (and keeping) your intentions when it comes to reducing stress, eating healthier, and being more active this year.

Setting Intentions

Deal says her first step for pretty much everything in life is to get comfortable, and this is no exception. So, find a cozy spot, cuddle up under a comfy blanket, light an aromatherapy candle, and start journaling. Want to set a goal or make a resolution this year? Experts say your goals should be SMART, an acronym coined for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Reduce Stress

Self-care your way to less stress in your life. While essential oils, bubble baths and charcoal masks come to mind when you hear “self-care” (for good reason), Deal says it can also mean reaching for a comforting knit cardi or cozy sherpa pullover to head out to take on the day, or a super soft set of PJs and a weighted blanket for deeper sleep. Learn more about the importance of quality sleep.

Eating Healthier

Health is at the center of many New Year’s Resolutions. Enter, many not-so-healthy fad diet experiments. This year, imagine instead a healthy lifestyle that includes a positive relationship with food. “I love the ‘California: Living + Eating’ book because it’s a celebration of California food, its history and lifestyle,” Deal explains. “With more than 80 recipes -- from yummy brunch dishes to colorful salads and entertaining ideas -- you'll find lots of fun but practical ways to weave healthy meals into every day life.” Check out these amazing UpWest Recipes.

Get Active

Whether it’s hiking, improving your yoga practice, traveling to new destinations or just spending more time outdoors, think functional fashion to make life a little easier (and active) this year. For hikes, opt for outerwear you can shed if you need to (but still keep in-tact with backpack straps), layer up for extra warmth, and slip on a Campfire Sock that offers a beautiful blend of comfort and performance.

“For yoga,” Deal says, “I love The Legging because it’s the perfect thickness for all that bending, the brushed fabric is super soft, and it has an adjustable hem that takes you from yoga class to covering your toes and getting cozy on the couch.” Look for extra pockets on outerwear for travel and extra warmth from coldwear accessories like an oversized Blanket Scarf, legwarmer, or the warm knit of our Bundle Up Beanie. Read more about UpWest’s three C’s of activewear.

“Comfort comes in many forms,” Deal says. “We want to provide the kind that brings peace and draws people closer to reaching their full potential. But, as always, it’s about progress not perfection.”