Written by Amy Scalia

When it comes to winter wardrobe, staying comfortable and warm is top priority. But that doesn’t mean you need to skip on style when temperatures drop. Lindy Deal, UpWest's Curator of Comfort, shares three helpful tips and some cold weather style suggestions you’ll want to cozy up to this winter.

Layer It Up!
A good general rule: as temperatures decrease, your layers increase. Deal says your base layer should be thin and fitted, to keep warm air close to your body. “Ideally, these layers are made of a natural, breathable fiber like a cotton or wool,” she adds. “Think Easy Layering V-Neck, Layer Up Crewneck Tee, Waffle Layering Tank, or even a bodysuit.”

Secondary layers, like the Layer Up Twill Shirt Jacket or Flannel, should also be on the thin side and fitted. This continues to trap heat close to the body. “Then, you can add a third more bulky layer,” Deal says, “Bring on the chunky sweaters!”

Adding color, print and texture - like sherpa - to your layers to differentiate between each layer and add interest to the eye. “Any excuse to wear sherpa, I’ll take it,” Deal laughs. “And the great thing is that it’s as cozy and soft as it looks.”

As for the bottom half, Deal says to go for a Flannel-Lined Pant with multiple layers in one, or a Slim Corduroy Pant to give you the warmth and comfort without the thickness.

Let’s Go Outerwear
When it comes to outerwear, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function or warmth. Opt for outerwear that can move throughout your day, no matter what the temps or weather might be.
“I love when there’s sherpa, thumb holes and deep pockets - like you’ll find the Sherpa Bomber - for adding a little extra warmth when you need it,” Deal says, “and then backpack straps - like you’ll find in the Cropped Puffer and Quilted Parka - for when you don’t and you’re on the go.”

The Chunky Pocket Scarf gives you a two-for-one special with a scarf and cozy pockets that feel like gloves when you want them. Functionality can also go high-tech with accessories like Cozy Tech Gloves that come to the rescue when you need to stay warm and comfortable but also connected.

Sprinkle on Some Style
And even though you’re layered up, don’t forget to sprinkle on some style. Deal suggests to fully tuck in light or medium shirts and sweaters. More fabric closer to the body, the warmer you are,” she explains. “And I love the look of a rolled-up sleeve to show off those base layers,”

For women, add a belt to give some shape to a sweater or sweater dress. “And for men, a little center tuck of your sweater will create some shape versus bulk,” Deal shares. “Plus, the more fabric closer your body, the warmer you’ll be.”

Top it all off - quite literally - with headwear that keeps you comfy and completes your look. “Matching sets like the Everyone Beanie and Scarf are great go-tos to look put-together without the effort,” Deal says. “Or you can have a little fun with pattern that still stays neutral with the Fair Isle Winter Hat or Leopard Pom Beanie.”

And no matter what the season, sustainability is always in style. Deal says this year, even more cold weather pieces - like layering tops, sweaters and even pants - are now sustainably made with organic, natural and recycled fibers. “Knowing some of your favorite pieces to wear are sustainably made just warms you up in a whole new way,” she adds.