Written by Amy Scalia


At first, a stay-at-home order didn’t sound so bad. Less hustle and bustle, more rest and simplicity. But after several months, the novelty might be wearing off. Ok, it’s definitely wearing off, especially now that the holidays are here.



Adventures, travel, entertainment and activities that grow you as a person still seem like impossibilities, but they’re actually not. Here are some ways to break up the blasé with healthy escapes from home, and to add more fuel to your social distancing marathon.



Say Bye to Negativity

First, let’s do a deep clean. Not the dusting, mopping, sanitizing kind (we’ve all done plenty of that), but the kind that cleanses and purifies the spirit of your cozy living space. Grab some Palo Santo Sticks to clear out any negative energy or anxiety that’s been building up to make room for positive energy, creativity and mental healing. This is particularly helpful in gearing up for the new year.



Freshen Up

You can easily freshen up the look and feel of your space by switching out accessories like pillows and throws. You can also change up your scented candles to renew the ambiance of your space. Learn how to authentically express your personal style with the This is Home book. This back-to-basics guide helps you find the essence of what makes you happy at home and create living spaces that reflect your needs and style.



Get Cozy

The same loungewear has been on repeat this year and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Feel a refreshed sense of self as you breathe new life into your wardrobe while being cozier than ever. Consider a matching Unwind Fleece Jogger and Unwind Crewneck Sweatshirt set for women or Cabin Check PJ Jogger and Cozy Up Waffle Crewneck Tee for men. Turn up the comfort level even more with some cozy slippers, moccasins, or legwarmers.



Turn a New Chapter

Whether it’s learning something new and expanding perspective, or unwinding and refocusing, time with a great book or journal is time invested in growth. A Calm the Chaos Journal helps you create a simple daily routine of reflection and intention to calm inner chaos. Journey through California’s varied landscape one bite at a time with the California Living and Eating book featuring 80 California-inspired recipes. You can also opt to learn new a cocktail recipe, yoga ritual, or beauty and wellbeing tips.



Get Outside

If you’re getting cabin fever, the good news is you don’t have to stay cooped up inside. In fact, the outdoors naturally lends itself to social distancing when trekking new trails, riding through picturesque scenery, and taking long walks on country roads. Grab a Packable Parka so you’re ready for any weather, or a Sherpa Parka with backpack straps for easy carrying. For colder days, opt for the Stay Handy Gloves or Keep Cozy Fingerless Gloves to keep warm while keeping fingers free and useful. For sunny days, accessorize with these sunglasses or a hat. And sun or not, don’t forget your SPF.



Sleep Escape

If you’re looking for a healthy escape, a good night’s sleep will do the trick. Make an event of your nighttime routine by enjoying a lavender DreamWeaver bath soak or bath bomb when you have a little extra time, or a Sleep Tight Roll On for a sense of calm and relaxation during your on-the-go days. Extend effects of that aromatherapy by diffusing a relaxing essential oil throughout the night. Block out the light with a super-soft sleep mask. Cozy up under a weighted blanket to reduce stress and improve the quality of your sleep.



We hope these suggestions help to fill your cup and connect you with new ways to find joy. Despite the distance, there are still many ways to grow, thrive and simply be just waiting to be discovered.