Written by Amy Scalia


From lullabies, boo-boo kisses and lunch box notes to homemade meals, long talks and reassuring hugs, moms have brought us comfort to both mind and body in so many ways through the years. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to do the same for her. From spa-like pampering and cozy clothes to adding style to her special spaces, here’s a helpful gift guide to celebrate mom in the most comforting ways.

The Gift of Spa-aaah

While mom might not be able to head to an actual spa this year, creating one at home can be even better. Think of what will set the scene: lighting a candle and then soaking in a peaceful and aromatic bath; pampering the skin with a sheet mask to remove impurities, coupled with a serum to brighten as a Jade Roller soothes, lifts, and revitalizes through a gentle facial massage; and, dabbing on a calming blend of essential oils to help her unwind for a restful night of sleep — under a weighted blanked and sleep mask, of course.

Spoil with Style

With all that mom is juggling, help her unwind and feel special in the softest, coziest and well-coordinated ways. For lounging, opt for a matching sleep set, washable satin robe, Cedar Wood Legging or Open Front Cardigan. For heading out, a Chambray Set, Jumpsuit or T-Shirt Dress offer the perfect blend of versatility, style and comfort. Add a touch of minimalist polish with an Accessory Scarf, the Geo Stud Earring Set, or Celestial Hoop Earrings. Go for more elegance with Threaded Chain Earrings or a Long Lariat Necklace.

Mom on the Move

To help mom stay active, opt for THE Legging, Mama Bear sweatshirt, and Source Crystal Water Bottle. Whether she’s an experienced yogi or would just enjoy the relaxation of more deep breaths and good stretches, a Mindful sweatshirt, Breathe candle, Ten to Zen book, and yoga mat refresher are thoughtful ways to bring some ‘omm’ to mom.

Love for Mother Earth

To show your love for both your mom and Mother Earth, the Sustainability Collection offers several gift ideas. From the Boheme and Love Candle poured in reusable ceramic containers, to the sustainably-made Nikki Reed Earth Day Collab Tee that helps with climate issues or Sunski sunglasses made from recycled plastic. Want to really brighten her special day? A Sunrise Tee or Sunset Graphic Tee, made from sustainable materials, will have her reminiscing about all those times she sang “You Are My Sunshine” as you drifted to sleep.

Home for the Holiday

Help mom celebrate the Mother’s Day holiday for many days to come by adding style to her space. Wrap her in comfort with The. Softest. Throw. (so soft that’s actually what it’s called) or a calming Handknit Chenille Throw. Have her curl up to new design ideas that make for a happier home with a This is Home Coffee Table Book. Add to her self-care arsenal with a Calm the Chaos Journal. Or gift all the essentials needed to relax and unwind in a soothing, restful place with this curated Unwind Kit.

Make it Meaningful

Mom will love anything you get her because, well, she’s your mom. But as you begin to browse for her (don’t forget grandmas, mother-in-laws, aunts, stepmoms, godmothers, and close mama friends, too!), try to think of things she already enjoys and how you can elevate or enhance them with your gift. Visualize her space, her style, her activities. Then choose with care something that makes a comforting connection. The extra thought and consideration of her interests makes it even more meaningful and comforting — oh, and add in a handmade card for old time’s sake.