Written by Amy Scalia

From the cozy sunrise of a new day to the calm of soft waves, or the invigoration of a lush trail, the world is full of sights that make us feel all the feels. And color is a big part of what evokes those feelings.

“Last year was dark and bleak in a lot of ways. This year, we’re all wanting to reconnect with the places and themes that matter most, and color helps us get there,” says Kelsey Vitullo, Head Designer of Comfort at UpWest. "We all retreated to our sanctuary of safety, comfort and calm to keep each other safe. So, it's no surprise that, as we emerge from our cocoons this year, we're looking for something soothing, yet bright and uplifting.”

Earthy Is In
Colors like Pottery on the Square Neck Smocked Tank or Russet of the Weekend Short, are a rich, terra cotta-like hue that reminds us of clay soil and the sky as the sun dips below the horizon. It’s a color that can be found in a variety of places, from the simplicity of sunbaked clay to an awe-inspiring desert landscape. “It’s a great earthy neutral that pairs well with creamy whites and other organic colors and textures,” says Vitullo.

Similar colors — like the Marsala of the Long Plisse Henley Top, Foliage of the Corduroy Short, Atlantis Salmon of the Ribbed Layering Tank, Cedar Wood of the Everyday Crewneck Tee, or even the Summer Graphic Tee’s gradients — of this warm, cozy, spicy hue brings feelings of comfort and inspiration in the days ahead.

According to Vitullo, the Blue Ridge of the All Around Short, Stormy Blue of the Everyday Crewneck Tee, Blue Heather of the Fair Harbor One Short are soft and relaxing while the lighter Resort Blue of the Everyday Crewneck Tee awakens the senses.

“You can pair these shades with earthy neutrals, like warm white, amber, or charcoal, to bring out its vintage appeal,” says Vitullo, “or layer in other shades of blue, such as navy or denim, to create a more modern, tone-on-tone look.”

And nothing says summer like the warm glow of yellow. “I love hues like the Maize in our Perfect Pocket Tee and the fun Ikat Print on the Tank Dress,” says Vitullo. “It just radiates brightness, cheerfulness and positivity, while the warm undertones help to keep it cozy and comfy.”

Calming, Natural Colors
Green is another go-to for Summer. From the Green Stripe of the Henley Stripe Sundress, Casual New Olive of the Romper, or Frosted Sage of the Wear Everywhere Sweatshirt Dress, this calming, natural hue conjures up feelings of being in nature. “Just like how being immersed in nature is good for your soul and wellbeing, you get that familiar soothing, tranquil sense when you wear it, too.”

Other new colors to keep an eye out for this year, according to Vitullo, are the soft and sugary Rose Smoke of the High Neck Tank Bodysuit and Side Twist Tee, Blushed Rose of the Recharge Legging, or the Tawny of the Wear Everywhere Sweatshirt Dress and Unwind Fleece Jogger. “These are pretty and feminine but still soft and comforting,” she adds. “Really, a beautiful blend.”

Whether it’s green, blue, yellow, pink or pottery, Vitullo says natural tones help take you to a place where time slows down, and you find the relaxation and calm you need in your day to day. “We’re naturally drawn to these colors. We crave this connection with nature,” says Vitullo. “Seeing and wearing these hues bring us comfort on this beautiful primal level. And then we’re ready to see more of the colorful world out there, waiting to be explored!”