This story focuses on products needed to enable the audience to effectively meditate in their own sanctuary. Story should reinforce the value and benefits of meditation and pivot to important (must-have) products to acheive results from meditation.

In the midst of everyday chaos, everyone needs some time to restore their inner peace and positivity.

Meditation has long been known as the direct and most efficient way to clear the mind. A simple seated meditation for 10 minutes has the ability to make one feel at ease when life gets hectic.

When people meditate, their mindfulness improves. Through working with the breath, one focuses on the present moment. In meditation, presence is taught by observing physical, emotional, and mental states without any judgment.

This mindful, non-judgmental self-awareness increases our capacity to overcome adversities and transform the mind, body and spirit. Ultimately, the root of any problem lies within us—not outside of us. That’s why meditation focuses on eradicating the problem from inside out.

However, looking within shouldn’t require us to leave our homes. Especially for those with packed schedules, we can create a perfect, private sanctuary right here, right now.

Here are ways to create an atmosphere for your own private, sacred place that will add value and meaning to your meditation.

Choose a space that feels inviting.

Finding an appropriate Zen place in your home is the first step toward achieving a good practice. You can choose a room that feels good, with little junk, and with fair to dim lighting.

Aromatizing it with an essential oil diffuser helps the room achieve a more grounded feeling. Good smells have long been used to elevate feelings of positivity and centeredness.

Sit in a good, comfortable posture.

Maintaining a proper meditation posture that’s comfortable is essential for a successful meditation. A posture that’s too relaxed or too stiff can cause mental distraction. Using a meditation cushion, the spine stays straight and the legs don’t get weary from being crossed.

Insulate from external energy.

Staying warm with a handknit throw is recommended in meditation. Insulating ourselves from errant energy (or a distracting draft) as we meditate can improve our practice. We can wrap it around our body, and even cover our head with it for added coziness.

Start with a few deep breaths.

With eyes closed, we can begin by breathing through the nose and placing our hands on the belly to allow it to expand. Using essential oils while we observe our inhales and exhales helps to offer a deeper, more pleasurable meditation practice. Essential oils can help ease stress and promote wellness—they smell heavenly, too!

Another way to incorporate oils into your practice is to rub a little bit of the oil on your hands and inhale the scent, or rub your hands together until they heat up and gently place them on your face for a few seconds.

Set intention and receive energy.

Healing stones are renowned for their powerful properties. Holding a few stones from the Healing Stone Set while meditating can help us remove emotional blockages and treat any physical negativity we’re holding on to. We may also set an intention before holding them, or follow their positive energy by focusing on the breath and feeling their warmth in our palms.

Create a meditative lifestyle.

Adopting daily meditation habits improves health and well-being on all levels. A journal is a wonderful tool to track self-care, clear the mind, and manage spiritual practices. Use a journal in your sacred space, pre- and post-meditation, to reflect on how the practice has improved your life.

Adapting to a whole new lifestyle may be challenging at first, but when you have created that calming, peaceful place to master it, it becomes tough to let it go.