Written by Amy Scalia

The start of a new year is often an inspiring experience. It’s a time for reflecting with gratitude on the past and setting our hopes and intentions for the days ahead. But for many over the past two years, personal growth goals took a pause. Life just got too overwhelming. As we start to navigate our new normal, though, things may be looking up for 2022.

Resolutions are making a comeback, but they’re deeper and more comforting this year. Eclipsing the usual urge to try a new fad diet or exercise, we’re instead looking to learn new skills, explore new places, retreat, recharge, and collect moments not things.

So, here’s to the journey we’ve been on these past two years. It’s made us stronger, wiser and more focused on what’s important. Read on for a few ideas on how to trek into the new year full of this new-found courage to find fulfilling adventures and soothing comforts.

Reset Your Sanctuary
It’s been your hub for everything home, work, play and everything in between. Clear the air by lighting a Peace candle or diffusing some Renew essential oil. Call in all the positive energy by setting out your Healing Stones crystals or even adding some Crystal Bookends to a bookshelf. Then refresh your aesthetic with fresh new pillows, cozy throws or a soft floor pouf.

Think Positive
Part of setting a resolution is to make progress toward a more positive outlook at life. So, look for ways that help you to set a routine around unwinding, reflecting and refocusing attention on gratitude. Whether you want to start journaling, meditating, or living more simply, these practices can help you focus on the present and positivity in your life.

Learn New Skills
If you want to focus on learning new life skills this year, there are lots of options. You could explore an interest in travel, interior design, organizing, wine tasting, artisan cocktails, cooking and entertaining, or the healing power of nature. Align these new skills around your inner-most desires, and then quickly put them into action to help commit them to memory.

Sleep on It
Resolving to get better sleep in the new year? Get into the groove of a nightly skincare routine, and indulge in a charcoal mask when you have some extra time. Try a CBD Relief Roller for a sense of calm and relaxation during your on-the-go days. Extend effects of that aromatherapy by diffusing Unwind essential oil throughout the night. Then cozy up under a weighted blanket to reduce stress and improve your sleep quality.

Get Active
Staying active is central to a balanced life. Whether you're taking on the beach or the bike trail, street or studio, look for activewear that offers the versatility and functionality you need to keep up. If yoga is more your flow, whether you’re a newbie or pro, there’s a perfect yoga mat, yoga block, duffel and mat carrier to keep you diggin’ those downward dogs.

For any activity or adventure, be sure to grab a Packable Anorak or Easy Convertible Pant so you’re ready for any weather, and a Sherpa Puffer with backpack straps for easy carrying. On those colder days when you need to still stay connected, try tech gloves or fingerless gloves. For sunny days, don’t forget some sunglasses and a hat.

Rest and Progress
No matter what your resolution may be, it’s important to remember: progress not perfection. As you plan, avoid unattainable goals and stressful deadlines. Instead, schedule check-ins throughout the year to track and reflect on progress made. Also, remember to rest, don’t quit.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, so when you feel depleted, take time to pause and enjoy the things that fill you back up. The past two years are still on your shoulders, and it can be heavy at times. It’s ok to set it down and pick back up when you’re ready, keeping in mind, some of the most difficult climbs lead to the most rewarding summits.