As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s a time to reflect on those you care about — including yourself — to fully celebrate this season of love.

When thinking about those closest to you, be mindful of things like: What do they enjoy doing? When do they seem happiest? What makes them unique? What are some special moments you have shared with them?

Emma Schmidt, a relationship therapist and counselor, says being more mindful of these details you might otherwise overlook builds intimacy and deepens your relationships. "Intimacy is being known by your partner," she says. "When picking out a gift, think about what would help them feel most loved, versus what you think is best for them. There is a difference."

So, if your partner likes finding and wearing graphic tees, a Love, Love, Love tee or sweatshirt might be a fun find for them. "Not only is it fitting for Valentine’s Day but it makes them feel loved because they feel seen," she explains.

Another way to make someone feel loved is to capture something special you both share with a gift. For example, you often make "heart hands" through windows or across the room to your partner, friend or child. The Love Candle, with a sketch of heart hands on its reusable ceramic container, is a simple yet super meaningful gift to highlight those moments you share.

Another thing to be mindful of on Valentine’s Day is that for some people, receiving gifts is not a big deal. As Schmidt explains, "while some people feel very loved when they receive presents, others don’t feel love at all. This comes from the Five Love Languages concept: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. I really enjoy getting gifts, but my husband doesn’t. It’s not how he receives love. He’d probably get more out of back scratch than a thoughtful gift. So, I think more about experiences than gifts to make my partner feel most loved."

For those who value experiences, a gift like the "Let’s Get Jiggy With It" Romance Kit is a giftable experience. With its full body massage oil, kissable lip oil, petals, ribbon and blindfold, it allows for imaginations to run and memories to be made and shared.

If a loved one is on a journey of self-awareness and personal growth, you can show your support. To bring forth desired elements in life — like Clarity, Calm, or Love — think of gifting The Love Mini Stone Pack. These hand-selected stones can be carried in a purse, pocket, or bag, as well as placed in personal and work spaces to open both the heart and mind.

This Valentine season is also a time for showing yourself the love and nurturing yourself as you do others. For an inspiring gift to yourself, a loved one or anyone looking for love, reach for something like The Little Book of Love. From thoughtful quotes to practical exercises and advice, this book helps us recognize that love is all around us, in abundance. It also helps in staying mindful that true love takes time to find and patience to grow.