Designing nature into your home environment.  This story will delve into the importance of integrating natural elements from plants and stones to natural aromas, to create an enduring, comfortable and mentally relaxing environment

Study after study proves it: nature is good for our minds, bodies, and spirits. From forest bathing to exercising outdoors, people who spend quality time in nature benefit greatly. From lowered blood pressure to decreased stress to a lifted mood, nature is a powerful tool when it comes to improving your health and wellness.

But let’s get real: a lot of us spend hours upon hours at our desks. The call of Netflix is never far away. And after a long day, sitting on a comfy couch undoubtedly sounds amazing.

Even when nature is right outside your window—or maybe all you see is a skyline of buildings—bringing calming and relaxing elements of nature into your home can be a peaceful practice. If you simply can’t find the time or you’re too tired to get in a hike (you’re human, after all), these natural accents will create a soothing atmosphere that will remind you of the things you love most about the outdoors.

To truly relax your mind and beautify your home interiors, here are three mindful approaches to weaving nature into your indoor environment.

Nature-Inspired Details

Currently, many homeowners and apartment dwellers are choosing to integrate nature into the materials seen throughout their homes.

Even if you’re renting, you can make little changes that will bring nature into your living spaces. Hang removable wallpaper in a print that brings the outdoors to mind, like tree branches, birds or green leaves. Paint the walls and create a color palette that looks as if you’re in the midst of your fave nature retreat—think blues, beiges, greens, grays and white.

You can also make the most of the scenery you see from your windows by taking away any décor on the ledges that might be spoiling the view and pulling back curtains that block out sunlight. If you want to connect your space to nature, the more sunlight and outdoor views, the better.

Décor Drawn from the Outdoors

Nature can be woven into the décor throughout your home in many ways.

Our go-to for bringing more nature into a space? Houseplants. Lots and lots of houseplants. There are so many low-maintenance plants available nowadays (low water, no sun, no problem) and they provide much-needed pops of green and life to any room. Snake plants, succulents and parlor palms practically take care of themselves. Scatter them around your bathroom counter—and put an air plant or two in your shower for a tropical feel. Rest them on the ledge of a kitchen window. Include them among your treasures on a bookshelf.

Create a gallery wall that commemorates your very best nature hikes and outdoor experiences. Scroll through pictures you’ve taken of gorgeous nature scenes and hang them up on your living room wall. Or, remember when you were little and you would press flowers in a book? Pressed flowers happen to be so on-trend, and it’s a lovely way to bring nature indoors and think back on fun experiences you’ve had outside.

Crystals are another fab way to convey nature in your cozy living space. From serene purple amethyst to an entire set of stones, crystals are believed to have healing properties that will invite good vibes into your surroundings.

An Organic Approach to Self-Care

Since you likely carry out your self-care routine in the comfort of your home, there are ways to bring nature into those rituals.

Essential oils are derived from nature, so if you’re craving tranquil aromas found outdoors, you can put a few drops in a diffuser and feel as if you’re walking in a forest. Tea tree and eucalyptus oils are particularly wonderful when you need a nature fix—they’re both derived from trees and their scents can help you clear your mind and even relieve coughs and colds.

To uplift the positive energy in your space and get a dose of the outdoors, look no further than burning palo santo sticks. The bonfire-like scent will create a cozy vibe in your sanctuary, and you’ll be feeling stress-free before you know it.