This story gets into bedroom ambiance and accessories that help create the mood and environment for ultimate relaxation and deep, undisturbed sleep. This is a very functional piece but also offers up some design tips for improving quality sleep results.

Ah, sleep. It’s magical. Energizing. Satisfying. And, at times, it can be oh-so-very elusive.

Restful Sleep can be influenced by the tiniest of factors. Did you sneak in a few extra sips of coffee at the end of the day? Is your mind busy with thoughts that speed up as soon as your head hits the pillow? Is your mattress feeling a little less-than-comfortable these days?

Although there are things outside your control that can affect a good night’s sleep (like biological causes that can benefit from a trip to your doctor), there are definitely things that you can control to transform your bedchamber into an optimal sleep sanctuary.

In fact, there are ways to design a bedroom that not only look cozy and stylish but will also help you fall deep into that sweet slumber you’ve been questing after. You can also don plush pieces that are sure to feel soft and inspire sleepy vibes. Here are some simple ways to create a mood that encourages deep relaxation and undisturbed sleep.

A Nightly Self-Care Routine

It’s important to develop a bedtime routine that you stick to each and every night. A routine naturally alerts the body that it’s time to go to sleep soon, and it can be a self-care ritual that you look forward to throughout the day.

About an hour before you hit the sheets, lounge around in a dimly-lit bedroom—and put your phone and other devices to bed, too. The light from your gadgets can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. Instead, read a book, do some mindful meditating or do a few, light stretches. Make it a special, warm and fuzzy time in your bedroom by pulling on a comfy robe and Sherpa slippers as you do your nighttime activities.

Sleep experts say that the body needs to stay cool while you sleep, so be on the lookout for breathable pajama materials, like cotton for instance. Put on a pair of lightweight joggers and rock a cotton henley for an ideal cozy sleepwear ensemble.

Even though sleep gurus advise clothing that keeps you cool, on the flipside, they say that it’s a good idea to sleep with socks on. They help the body regulate its core temperature, and that can mean fewer night sweats and better-quality sleep for you.

Creating Cozy Vibes

A tranquil environment is so key for a bedroom. It should have ambiance that tells your eyes and your body that this is a place of rest and relaxation, where stress is left at the door.

First of all, you can achieve these peaceful visuals by choosing calming colors and soft elements for your bedroom. It’s scientifically-proven that blues, whites and grays are the best colors for a bedroom because they instantly promote Zen-like feelings. Accompany your color scheme with soothing décor and textiles, like warm blankets, natural materials and low lighting.

Add finishing touches through home essentials placed throughout your bedroom that add to the atmosphere and serve a purpose. A daily journal on the nightstand is a personal touch, and it will allow you to get all your thoughts out before you power down for the night—and that can translate to worry-free sleep. A Sherpa throw tossed on the bed looks comfy and cozy, plus it will give you a warming layer to sleep with if it’s a bit chilly in your room.

A tranquil environment is so key for a bedroom.

Final Essentials

Now that you’re wearing comfy PJ’s and the scene has been set in your bedroom, it’s time to use a couple sleeping must-haves.

Aromatherapy has been proven time and time again to help with a myriad of things, and relaxation and sleep are no exceptions. Use roll-on oil a few minutes before tucking into bed to nurture tranquil feelings that will help you drift off to dreamland.

Light can substantially impact sleep wellness. Even just a sliver of it from your window or a nearby nightlight is enough to cause tossing and turning. To prevent light from getting anywhere near your eyes, be sure to put on a sleep mask before calling it a night and say hello to some of the best sleep you’ve ever experienced.