Embrace Clutter to make any space home.  Random clutter is unhealthy, but a lot has been written recently about coordinated clutter as the collage of a life well-lived.  This story should offer tips and tricks for curating photos, knick-knacks and other souvenirs that have sentimental value and displaying them as a measure of a 'connected' life.

If we had to assign a label to the time we live in, we might refer to it as the “less is more” era. Marie Kondo is everywhere, sharing her belief system that one should only keep items that “spark joy.” Minimalism has become an everyday mindful practice, with people giving up their mortgages to live in tiny homes and donating most of their belongings. Professional organizers are everywhere on Instagram, sharing their tips to cleanse your space, rid your home of pesky and stressful clutter.

These are certainly genius ideas, and they are essential if you struggle with having a bunch of stuff to the point that it’s difficult to be comfortable in your home sanctuary.

But, in some cases, clutter can actually be good. Really good. In fact, we’re here to share a new state of mind when it comes to your home décor: “coordinated clutter.”

Instead of random piles of clutter around your living space, think of coordinated clutter as beautifully-curated collections of pieces that are near and dear to you, like the photos of your friends and family that take up an entire wall of your living room. The knick-knacks you proudly displayed in your childhood bedroom and still have a place in your grown-up décor. The souvenirs you’ve scored during your favorite vacations.

There are stylish and thoughtful ways to display these cozy, sentimental pieces. If a minimalist approach just isn’t working for these beloved collections, embrace them and think of them as a collage of your life, personal pieces that will make you smile and evoke good vibes about yourself every time you look at them.

Represent your connected, beautiful and even messy life through these ways to display your prized possessions.

Creative Collections

If you’re a person who spends weekend after weekend at flea markets, or if you’re constantly picking up rocks or seashells during a vacation, don’t stash away those finds in the name of stress free minimalism.

To bring a cohesive look to your home collections, consider grouping them according to a color palette. For instance, instead of a smattering of seashells, put out only white ones.

Although we have nothing against placing a collection on a shelf, you can give the visuals a bit more polish if you rest the items on an anchoring piece, such as a bamboo tray or a vintage book or two.

Cherished Memories

Vacations and other happy moments should definitely be represented throughout your home—it’s something that can transform a home into a sanctuary that feels personal to you.

There are near-limitless ways to decorate your home with framed photos nowadays. We’re always a fan of the gallery wall, and you can make it look extra-curated by using the tip you’ve applied to your collections: keep them in the same color family. A wall full of tranquil, turquoise ocean scenes will not only look cool and coordinated, but it will mentally take you back to that place as well.

If you have tons of travel souvenirs, we say embrace the campiness and weave them into your home décor. That collection of Florida shot glasses you’ve discovered at flea markets down South? Place them on open shelving in your kitchen and they’re instant conversation pieces. All those T-shirts you’ve gathered from destinations over the years? Turn them into a comfy quilt you drape on your couch.

Treasured Décor

You might be known as someone who owns a lot of multiples of things, like books or pillows. And you know what? We say that if it makes you feel good (and your house isn’t drowning in a sea of throw blankets), go for it.

A stack of books on your coffee table will not only add tons of visual interest but they’ll also always be within reach for impromptu reading sessions. You might have a lot of candles, but maybe for you, they all bring back a smell memory. The calming aroma of lavender might remind you of your grandma, or maybe the scent of oakmoss makes you think of peaceful forest hikes.

And if you want to pile on the cozy items in your home, that’s something that’s perfectly OK, too. A pouf here, a pillow there, a throw blanket (or three…) on your couch, and suddenly, you’re feeling all kinds of good vibes.