This story will provide design advice for creating an environment suitable for comfort, focus, and concentration. Story should briefly reinforce the importance of reading in relieving stress and calming. Story will also lend recommendations to home decorations.

Our days are naturally filled with hustle and bustle as we move from our morning routines to our jobs to home. Capturing those little moments when we can inhale good vibes and exhale stress can be fleeting to say the least. That’s why it’s always amazing to step through the door and know that you’ve arrived at your personal sanctuary—otherwise known as home.

If you’re someone who craves coziness, we have no doubt that you’ve covered your bases when it comes to soft furniture, warming textiles and comfort items. But have you considered creating a special at-home retreat that’s dedicated to powering down and settling in with a good book? Reading is a proven way to relieve stress and worry, after all.

This is the reason we love a tranquil reading nook, which can nestle into any corner of your home. From the living room to the bedroom to a porch, a reading nook is a must-have in any cozy home.

Choose a Dedicated Location

The beautiful thing about a reading nook is that it can pretty much tuck in anywhere. Whether you have a small living space or want to set aside an extra spot just for you in a large room with lots of seating, a reading nook will always have its place no matter what type of dwelling you live in.

A reading nook in a living room is a good way to have peace and quiet time away from the sofa where you have your Netflix marathons. It’s a spot that should tell your brain, “It’s time to get comfortable and switch off those busy thoughts,” and that can really only be achieved outside the view of a TV, computer or other devices. This isn’t where you watch your favorite shows or go to bed for the night—it’s a calming, tranquil corner that you’ve dedicated to retreating within your living space.

You can choose to set up your reading nook in your bedroom, which is an ideal locale. It’s already a warm and cozy place where your bed isn’t far away, so a reading nook should fit right into the relaxing atmosphere. Turn to your reading nook when you wish to relieve stress and find balance and calm before bed. As you page through a book, no devices in sight, you’ll effectively prepare your body for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Another perfect setting for a reading nook is a three-season porch or alongside a window. Inviting in the outdoors is a scientifically-proven way to de-stress, a feeling you’ll no doubt want to experience while sitting in your tranquil reading nook.

Set the Scene

The two words that describe an idyllic reading nook are comfy and plush. Starting with seating, such as an armchair or a meditation pouf, you can begin creating ambiance and comfort through soft pieces.

It isn’t truly a reading nook until it has a pillow and blanket. Wrap yourself up in a sumptuous throw blanket while you rest against an incredibly soft pillow. Incorporate colors and patterns that speak to your personality and promote a feeling of calm and tranquility.

Also, you should place a bookshelf nearby for convenience, or bring books in from elsewhere and rest them on an accompanying side table—we’re guessing you’ll also need a spot for your mug of tea!

To enhance the comfort in your reading nook, weave in magical fairy lights, include an ottoman so you can put your feet up and consider a canopy that hangs overhead from the ceiling for an especially-dreamy setting.

Think of your home décor items as pieces that make this area feel particularly special and inviting. It’s your go-to place you’ll turn to every day when you need to unwind and retreat, even for a little while, to your own personal sanctuary.

Think of your décor items as pieces that make this area feel particularly special and inviting.

Include Finishing Touches

Whether you’re snuggling with a blanket and a book to alleviate stress or if you’d like to harness focus and concentration, here are some additional items you can include to feel your very best.

Essential oils are a wonderful way to smooth out any tension and stress you may be dealing with, so it’s a lovely idea to place a ceramic oil diffuser next to your reading nook, complete with a stress-busting oil that can help you feel calm.

Lastly, you can present this area as your official reading nook by including a book or two within the surrounding décor, such as favorite coffee table books or reads that focus on leveling up your self-care.