Written by Amy Scalia

As summer heats up, you gladly swap cozy sweaters for breezy tank tops, wool socks for san-dals, and heavy comforters for lightweight throws, but there’s something else important to change with the seasons: your skincare routine. Sun exposure, heat and humidity can lead to excess oil, clogged pores and skin damage. Here are a few tips for adjusting your current skincare routine as we get deeper into season’s harshest months.

Protect the Skin
Whether it’s a hike on your favorite trail or a day at the beach, time spent outside is good for your soul. But it can be not-so-good for your skin. Experts recommend a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to avoid sunburn and skin damage. Lighten up your skincare layers with an all-in-one SPF that’s also a moisturizer, color-correcting primer, and daily dose of antioxidants.

When you need a classic spray sunscreen, reach for an organic one that’s water-and sweat-resistant, reef safe and naturally scented. Don’t forget about your hands, feet, ears, lips and even your hair and scalp. It’s recommended to reapply every 90 minutes while you’re out in the sun, so pack extra sunscreen for longer summer days outdoors. You may want to set an alarm on your phone for an easy reapplication reminder.

Beach Inspired Beauty
Even if you’re not headed to the beach today, you can still look and feel like it. The Make Waves Sea Salt Hair Tonic gives a casual-cool, salt-swept tresses and effortless beach style with a textur-izing blend of jasmine-infused sea salt water and pure aragon oil. Infuse your skin with endless summer as Sand Body Buff Scrub buffs away rough surface skin, deeply restoring and protecting your healthy glow. Get brighter, more hydrated skin with Nilotica Goddess Glow that gives a lit-from-within illumination.

Summer Glow
Summers are full of fun, memory-making moments, but the season can take a toll on your skin. All the summertime heat, humidity, chlorine, UV rays and few too many cocktails can lead to your complexion taking on a dull, unhealthy, tired appearance. Get your glow back with a Brightening Face Serum packed with Vitamin A and C after washing your face and moisturizing. You could also opt for a nourishing Sensitive Face Serum that promotes moisture, prevents dehydration, and protects your skin from damage caused by sun exposure and free radicals. Up the ante on your se-rum’s effectiveness with a Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set that depuffs, soothes, lifts, and revitalizes skin through the ancient art of facial massage.

Add a spa night into your weekly routine to restore and revitalize from head to toe. With masks for feet, hair, face, eyes, and lips all in one, a Full Body Mask Set is an easy way to get a full-body treatment of vitamins and minerals for a healthy natural glow. A Spa Night Mask will keep work-ing all night long to hydrate and brighten your skin. After a long run or long days on the beach, your feet may need some extra love. A lavender and peppermint oil infused Foot Mask can soothe and smooth every step.

Healthy Skin from Within
Summer is an easy time of year to get the fresh foods that help you glow from within. The Beauty Chef Book combines the joy of cooking with the science of nutrition for glowing skin, with great ideas and recipes. And if COVID-19 is limiting your travel plans this year, journey through Cali-fornia one bite at a time - from Sonoma's rolling vineyards to the deserts of Palm Springs, via the foodie hotspots of San Francisco and Los Angeles - with the California: Living + Eating book.

No matter how you choose to revitalize your skin this summer, take these longer, lazier days to get the most natural form of revitalization for your body and mind: rest and relaxation. There’s a rea-son why they call it “beauty sleep,” as it naturally restores and repairs with seven to nine hours of shut-eye. So, here’s to enjoying extra hours of daylight, extra recharging at night and a fresh face in the morning.