Written by Amy Scalia

COVID-related restrictions have altered our plans including the comforting, calming Summer es-capes we look forward to all year. But there’s still some Summer left, still so much to enjoy and even a few new things to try, too. From simple pleasures like picnics and observing nature, to so-cially distanced retreats and camping trips, or even something new like geocaching and forest bath-ing, find comfort in knowing - that while it may look a bit different this year - summer adventure still awaits.

Get Outside
Take advantage of the long, sunny days and pleasant evenings of late summer by getting outside. There are many low-risk outdoor activities and social activities like walking, hiking, and biking. Many yoga, dance and fitness studios are offering outdoor classes as well. Keep cool with moisture wicking shorts, loose fitting tees and tanks. Sustainably-made clothes are often more breathable and help you feel more one with nature while you’re out enjoying it. Stay hydrated with a water bottle so mystical you’ll never leave home without it.

Observe and Record Nature
While this is a year you won’t soon forget - even though you’ll want to - opt to take in more of the beauty around you and remember it for years to come through journaling. Take this unique opportunity to embrace the calming, comforting elements of the great outdoors. Jot down birds, trees and flowers that bring you joy with a simple notebook. Inspire your wanderlust and record your adventures with a Collect Moments Not Things Travel Journal or quiet the noise with a Calm the Chaos journal.

Hop in the Car
Many amazing adventures are just a car ride away. Visits to small local towns can deepen your affinity for and knowledge of the world that’s right around you, so grab a map and start exploring. For an even freer, more lucid experience, rent a Jeep and take the top down to help better see and experience the natural world around you.

Late Summer adventure requires a little forethought in functional fashion. Wear something versatile like a Wear Everywhere Dress, Everyday Tank Dress or Romper for women and All Day Short for men. New sustainably-made denim for all. Layer up for cooler nights with sweaters, layering knits, and jackets.

Whether it’s in your back yard or the great outdoors of a National Forest, there are so many options when it comes to camping. For more comfort and convenience with less fuss than a traditional tent, Car Camping is one way to ease into these outdoor adventures. Just drive up to your campsite and have everything you need in your car instead of on your back. If you’re looking for more creature comforts than a car can offer, glamping might be just the thing for you. Many must-see glamping destinations are popping up across the U.S., from geometric mountainside pods to decked-out shelters and charming oceanfront getaways.

No matter how you choose to camp, you’ll want to wear or bring along functional and travel friendly pieces like the Packable Long Parka, Packable Swing Parka, and travel toiletries kit. Waffle and ribbed textures offer warmth and comfort as you sip on your morning coffee or enjoy a crisp night under the stars.

Something New
A change in pace can be a good thing, so enjoy trying something new as you embrace the new norms of life. Get the benefits of social distancing in wide open spaces with none of the drawbacks of roughing it at a desert spa or luxury encampment. Opt for a forest bath to let nature pamper and relax you instead. Forest bathing is a mixture of meditation, yoga and hiking, paying close attention to your surroundings while enjoying a slow and mindful hike. Avoid public seating options by taking a small blanket, meditation pouf or stadium chair to create your own little sanctuary. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game using GPS to hide and seek containers called “geocaches.” With thousands of geocaches hidden throughout each region, it’s the world's largest treasure hunt.

No matter how you spend the rest of your summer, use these new adventures and slower moments to fill your cup. Whether that’s time in nature or curling up with a good book, a new adventure or a finding a favorite new nook at home, find solace and comfort in the simplicity of this season.