The soft spa music strums in the background and calming aromatherapy floats through the air as you’re pampered from head to toe. Sounds like a decadent day at the spa, right? Not necessarily. Here are eight great ways to get the best spa experience of your life from the comfort of your own wellness sanctuary - home.

1. Set The Tone

To transform your home into a luxurious spa experience, you’ll want to set the tone. In this case, literally. New research is saying some pretty fascinating things about using music for relaxation and stress management. Music profoundly affects both the emotions and the body, so turn on a calming spa music station, channel or playlist. A slower tempo quiets your mind and relaxes your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day.

2. Get Cozy

Getting cozy is always the best feeling ever, but it’s especially important for a spa night in. In the Cozy Up Waffle Short, you stay comfy but can still get to those gams (we love applying CBD Relief Roller on sore muscles). The Sherpa Robe is the perfect spa robe for your private sanctuary. The Dream Tank is super soft, flexible and feminine. The Cozy Legwarmer feels like a gentle hug around your legs and feet, but toes are free for polishing and moisturizing your cuticles with essential oils.

3. Create an Ambiance

Next for making your sanctuary more spa-like is to add ambiance. Try some relaxing essential oils to the diffuser, place out your crystals and bring out several candles for soft lighting. Whatever brings you comfort, happiness and relaxation.

4. Warm Your Towels

One of the best things about a great spa experience is the warm, comforting towels. Your spa night in should be no different. A few drops Unwind Oil on a wool dryer ball will offer a delightful, added effect of aromatics to those freshly warmed towels.

5. Steam it Up

Start your spa night with a steamy shower or a warm bath to open up those pores and get your mind into reset mode. Drop in a Dream Weaver Bath Bomb to let the soothing waters of calming chamomile and lavender essential oils lull you to a state of calm.

6. Mask Mecca

When estheticians and spa gurus aren’t at your beckoning call, reach for a Hair, Face and Foot Mask. It’s a simple and effective way cleanse and renew from head to toe without the worry of confusing products, ingredients or applications.

7. Seal It In

You’ll want to seal in all that nutrient-rich goodness. For your face, we love applying a beauty oil or serum and then using a Jade Roller for better absorption and stimulating collagen. We’re also loving the CBD Beauty Cream. It’s the perfect whole body, holistic approach to soothe your mind, body and spirit.

8. Rest Up

Once your mane is moisturized, piggies are prepped and face is feeling fab, it’s time to hit the hay. Try the Sleep Tight Roll On, a comfy sleepwear set, Snuggle Sock, Lights Out Sleep Mask, and top it off with a Sherpa Weighted Blanket for your best night of sleep ever. Talk about rejuvenating!