Whether it’s a local trail hike, yoga class or a rejuvenating escape to the mountains you’ve been planning forever, retreats can take on many forms. Wherever your retreat takes you today or tomorrow, it’s important that you have the right fashions to keep you comfortable, confident and connected.

Whether it’s a hike, yoga class, or rejuvenating escape to the mountains, retreats can take many forms. Wherever your retreat takes you, you must have the right hiking clothes to keep you comfortable, confident, and connected. 


When you think of activewear and outerwear, you want it to perform, says Kelsey Vitullo, Head Designer of Comfort at UpWest. “We want it to perform and be super comfortable,” she adds. “If it’s not soft or doesn’t make you feel cozy, we don’t do it.”

Some of Vitullo’s favorite activewear pieces include the UpWest sweatshirts and sweatpants with details that up the ante on comfort. “The Women’s Fireside Fleece Joggers have a super cute detail that has the reverse fuzzy fabric as the face on the waistband for an extra cozy feel,” she explains. “I also love the sherpa-lined hoods and collars. They just take the comfort to a whole new level.”

“Brushed fabrications are key in this process,” Vitullo explains. From brushed cotton to make that graphic tee extra gentle and breathable, to a brushed flannel that offers an extra layer of soft warmth. "Brushed and washed fabrics in knits, flannels, fleece are so yummy, especially when it’s cold or inclement out,” she adds. “We’ve added that extra step in the process to ensure we have the softest garments out there."

Fit also keeps you comfortable. “Features like an adjustable waist tie on outerwear keeps the fit perfectly snug no matter how many layers you piled on underneath,” Vitullo explains. Speaking of layers, Vitullo suggests layering it up before heading out. “This adds interest and texture to the look, but it’s also super functional because it keeps you comfortable as the weather changes or your activity level amps up,” she explains.


Long gone are the days of working out and hanging out in old sweats and baggy basketball shorts. Today, activewear is designed to not only look and perform better at the gym, but also help you stay confident in the way look and feel when you grab lunch with friends after your fitness activity. “Comfort doesn’t have to equate to unpresentable,” Vitullo says. “It’s possible to feel good, look good, and feel comfortable wearing these pieces inside and outside of the home,” she adds. “That’s why we have several pieces — like the Lightweight Jogger — that you can sleep in, be active in or confidently go out in.”

Even the UpWest graphic tees give a confidence boost. “Each one of our graphic tees have positive affirmations, which is special,” Vitullo says. “They could say anything, but we mindfully chose messages that support, encourage and comfort you every time you look down or in a mirror.”

It’s also a confidence boost to wear an outfit that feels current but not trendy. “We know and study the trends so every piece looks and feels fresh,” she explains, “but we want every single one of our pieces to be your favorite jacket, cardi or jogger ever. So, we keep in mind the styles and features that will have you looking and feeling your best in it for years to come.”


You have enough vying for your attention. Your clothes shouldn’t be one of them. Functionality reduces stress and frustration to keep you connected and in the moment, especially when you’re on the go and purposefully active. “We added little hidden gems, like built-in backpack straps on outerwear, so you can easily peel off layers to stay comfortable and connected to your activity,” Vitullo says.

Packable items — like packable jackets and backpacks — also keep you connected to what’s important. “I love traveling and hiking. With both, you always have to travel light but be prepared for what you might need on the trip,” she says. “So we thought a lot about that when designing these accessories.”


Extra items you might want to pack for your hiking outfit include:

  • Additional insulation
  • Additional safety items
  • Protection against bug bites
  • Rain gear
  • Water bladder
  • Clothes for a variety of weather conditions

Versatility of a piece also keeps your focus on what’s important, Vitullo says. “We worked-in functionality into so many great UpWest pieces, but I especially love THE Legging," she explains. "It has this great cinch functionality at the ankle that takes it from a cropped pant for your favorite yoga class to a long pant that covers the foot. It’s like a built-in sock, that's also perfect for relaxing on the couch."


Happy hiking!