Find some affirmations for an attitude of gratitude, self-love, a peaceful and nice weekend with your loved ones, and mantras to start your morning with calmness with the positive morning affirmations below.

The Power of Positive Vibes

Guess what? It turns out that our thoughts deeply impact these lanes that run through our nervous systems. Think of well-worn ruts on a dirt trail. The more you think a negative thought, the deeper and more established that rut will become. Lucky for us, the same goes for positive thoughts.


That’s the scientific explanation for how incredibly beneficial to our mental wellness it can be to start your day with gratitude, positive thinking, and positive affirmations. It’s the opposite of that negative self-talk that pops up way too easily in all our brains. There’s one very effective way to combat that negativity and boost mental health: it’s affirmations.


By repeating positive statements every day for a couple of weeks, you can train your mind to embrace all experiences with gratitude, combat negativity on Fridays, and go through your days with certainty in your amazing potential.

What Is an Affirmation?

So, what’s an affirmation? Also known as a mantra or a motto, it’s basically a positive statement that allows you to feel grateful and helps you turn a tough situation around.


For positive inspiration, you can read a book of affirmations or search for a list of affirmations online (Pinterest is a goldmine for a vision board or scrapbook ideas and printable affirmations.) Or, come up with positive affirmations as they apply to your life.


You can write yourself an affirmation letter or create beautiful cards with applicable affirmations and place them on your bathroom mirror, wallet, or jacket pocket. Or, these statements can be in your head and recited from memory whenever you need an enormous confidence boost or need to combat negative self-talk.


Choose to recite your affirmations anytime that works best for you. Start your day with clarity or end your evening with a deep sense of self-love; anytime is the correct time to celebrate your beautiful life with positive statements.

When To Use Affirmative Statements

Here are four situations when you can use different types of affirmations to build a more powerful mind and a grateful heart.

  1. At The Gym

Even when we're at our most amazing, the most talented people can ruin a wonderful upcoming weekend or workout with negative thoughts. Those mirrors at the gym? Those people you’re comparing yourself to? These things don’t help when it comes to that less- than-sunny voice in your head.


When this happens (and believe me, it happens to everyone), try to transform your thoughts with an affirmation like the following:

“I’m strong, beautiful, and capable.” “I’m getting better every day.”
“I’m even stronger than I know.”
“I am enough.”


Practice saying these repeatedly in your head until you actually believe them, and then go conquer that workout.


Positive affirmations can give you an enormous confidence boost. By incorporating affirmations into your morning routine alongside your gym routine, you can build a stronger mind and body.

  1. With Friends and Family

Negative self-talk affects everyone, even our friends and loved ones. Instead of getting annoyed at yet another text from your friend or having to go to a big, loud family dinner, switch that thinking around and change that pattern so you can inspire yourself and those around you in the process.


You can silently say the following affirmations to yourself a couple of times to cultivate a mindset of gratitude and help keep friendships strong:

“I love and support everyone around me.”
“I’m grateful for the support of my friends and family.” “I wish peace and tranquility for my loved ones.”
“I’m sending good vibes to my friends.”


Instead of your social life ruining your peaceful weekend, repeating positive affirmations can create a positive feeling for a fun-lled future weekend with your loved ones. When they see your new inner calm, feel free to share some of your methods for choosing confidence over uncertainty with the power of positive thinking.

  1. With A Partner

Nothing makes your heart rate change like your partner. Negative thoughts can affect romantic relationships, whether you’re in the midst of an argument or a passionate embrace. Find stillness in turmoil and choose courage over fear with loving affirmations.


Enjoy a sense of gratitude for your partner so the two of you can live a fulfilling life together and enjoy carefree weekends and evenings filled with love. Try repeating these affirmations a couple of times every day to send some positive energy to your partner and your relationship.


These can include affirmations like the following:
“Every time we communicate, our relationship improves.”

“Our marriage gets better every day.”
“I love us even when we disagree.”
“I appreciate the ways you show me love.”


Quick note: Share meaningful quality time by sharing your affirmations with your partner and practicing them together. Try coming up with a list of affirmations your partner needs to hear most and reciting it to them throughout the busy week.

Armations can create a separate space for you and your partner to feel safe and armed.

  1. When You’re Alone

When it’s quiet and you’re alone, unhealthy, negative thoughts can easily creep in—this can be doubly difficult if you also struggle with a mental health disorder that can be brought down even further by negative self-talk.

Instead of drowning out your thoughts with social media or a Netflix binge, try giving yourself some mental peace with positive affirmations and remembering your most-loved parts. Say it out loud so it resonates, and take deep breaths to let your words calm you.

Quiet moments alone are actually the best time to practice affirmations, saying things like the following:

“I am worthy.”
“I am successful.”
“I have an abundant life.”
“My potential for success is unlimited.”
“I have exceptional ideas that can solve any challenge that comes my way.”

You can customize your affirmations to create abundant energy, suit your goals, and help manifest your desires. Positive affirmations can help cultivate a peaceful mind, manifest financial success, and build a more fantastic life viewed through a lens of gratitude and abundance.

Embrace the future with joy, enjoy a more relaxing weekend, and set yourself on the correct path toward an amazing week by repeating positive statements when things are great and amidst challenging times.