Going out for a movie or heading to a night on the town with a few friends can make for a great evening. But as nice as it can be to go out, there’s something really recharging about a night at home, especially those quiet moments when you can really bond with your friends.


It's in those peaceful noise-free flashes of time when you can genuinely connect with the people you care about the most. There's no place better than your own home sanctuary to hang out and experience this special friendship-building time together. 


For a twist on girls' night out, why not ask your friends to come over for a spirit-restoring, and still very fun, girls' night in? We have plenty of ideas to help you create a great atmosphere that you and your friends are sure to love.

Plan a Casual PJ Party

There's only one rule for girls' night in, no fancy clothes! Instead, encourage your friends to stay comfy and casual, choosing comfort wear that will give them full permission to let their hair down and snuggle up on the couch as you talk all night or deep-dive into a streaming binge together.


You might try a look that starts with soft leggings, perfect to lounge in and pairing them with a warm sweater or a cozy cardigan. It's a look that's a step above pajamas, for sure, and will encourage you and your friends to feel completely relaxed and at ease.


But sometimes, there is nothing better than comfy PJs to help you and your friends unwind and just be. A super cozy set of PJs and comfy socks or Sherpa booties will keep you all comfortable and in the present moment all night.

Treat Yourselves With Some Comfort Food

Whether you're a mom with little ones or the work-week has left you burned out and beyond stressed, or you're simply trying to be more on top of your health and well-being, there are always enough reasons to invite friends over for a girls' night in.


If anything, it just gives you all the chance to connect as you sit in a space that's cozy and free of those distractions that can keep you from enjoying each other's company on a girls' night out.


There are some things you can do together to make the evening even more special—and make it easy on the wallet, too. While a girls' night out can be so fun, between dinner, drinks, and Uber rides, the dollars can disappear in a hurry.


Instead, why not unwind with face masks? There are few things that are better than pampering yourself in the comfort of your home alongside your friends.


Fun night-in ideas also include buying each other little gifts that can be used during your girls' night-in, like a warm and cozy throw blanket or two or a bunch of tranquil aroma candles.


Another way to relax is to whip up some tasty but healthy recipes together. Maybe you haven't had a lot of time lately to treat yourself to a home-cooked, healthy meal. Instead of cooking solo, make it the main activity of girls' night in and cook something adventurous, nourishing, and delicious together. 


For example, you could prepare this warm chicken salad with quinoa together. Or, bake something that takes you all back to childhood or reminds you of a favorite memory you share. We think the wonderful aroma of fresh-from-the-oven cookies would bring you all back to a simpler time when fun with friends was the most important thing.


There’s no need to serve some hearty comfort food to have a good time. You can put together small party trays with healthy snacks or set a beautiful table with a cheese tray and some fresh fruit. Your guests can grab snacks while playing games.


If you enjoy drinking, why not open a bottle of wine and sit around with some board games or plan a craft night in the spirit of a sip-and-paint party?


If you're not a wine expert, you can spend some quality time together exploring cocktail ideas. There are some fun online mixology classes to get you started then mix in some more original cocktails for an Instagram-worthy evening. 


Food and drinks aren't the only way to treat yourself. If you're planning a bachelorette party, a birthday party, or a bridal shower, make this evening feel even more special with a spa night.

Create a Heartwarming Ambiance

Last but not least, set the stage for a chill atmosphere that inspires positive vibes, connectivity, and open conversation.


A classic girls' night idea is to watch a movie (we're betting you'll talk together as you watch it anyway). But for making even closer connections, we recommend everyone's favorite background music, calm lighting, and tons of warm accents.


Pay attention to details. A pastel color palette can invite relaxation and turn your girls' night into a cozy night in. White flowers, scented candles, and plush decorative pillows are the perfect complement to a soft color palette.


For example, enhance your cozy home retreat by lighting a candle (or two or three) for a girls' night in. Choose a soothing scent like sandalwood or vanilla and de-stress among your closest friends. If you're planning a DIY party, gather some candle-making supplies so you can play with different scents.


Another personal touch you can add to the evening is providing a plush throw blanket to each of your guests. As soon as you all hit the couch, offer them one of the blankets that are standing by—these throws are a must-have for a wonderfully-cozy girls' night in that can make your friendships even better.