Why does it feel like winter sneaks up on you every year? Between the dropping temps and dwindling daylight (didn’t we want to cancel the daylight savings subscription??), it can be hard to enjoy this slower season meant to have more rest and simplicity. Actually, this is the perfect time to hunker down, avoid flu season, and enjoy the winter months.

Adventures, travel, entertainment, and activities that inspire personal growth seem a lot more cumbersome, but they don’t have to be. Here are some ways to break up the winter blues with healthy escapes from home and by keeping your space a source of peace.

Say Bye to Negativity

First, let's do a deep clean. Not just the dusting, mopping, sanitizing kind (though it’s equally important to keeping your home healthy), but the kind that cleanses and purifies the spirit of your cozy living space for this holiday season.


Grab some Renew Oil and a diffuser for a refreshing mix that puts you in a mindset to relax, set your intentions, and enjoy. Make room for positive energy, creativity, and mental healing, especially when gearing up for the new year.

Freshen Up

You can easily freshen up the look and feel of your space by switching out accessories like pillows and throws. Changing up your scented candles to renew the ambiance of your space or hanging string lights can also add ambiance to an indoor space.

Get Cozy

The same loungewear has been on repeat this year and that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. Feel a refreshed sense of self as you breathe new life into your wardrobe while being cozier than ever.


Consider a matching Fireside Fleece Wide-Leg Pant and Fireside Fleece Half-Snap Sweatshirt set for women or The Everyone Jogger and Cozy Up Waffle Crewneck Tee for men. Turn up the comfort level even more with some cozy slippers, moccasins, or leg warmers. Cuddle up with thick throw blankets and hot cocoa for more warmth.

Turn a New Chapter

Whether it's learning something new and expanding perspective, or unwinding and refocusing, time with a great book or journal is time invested in growth. An Experiments in Dreaming journal can help you find deeper connections to yourself by exploring what your dreams could be communicating.


This weather is also the perfect reason to learn more about how to host in your home and create a beautiful, inviting table for those you love with Tables & Spreads. Choose easy-to-prepare recipes for cooking dates, nights in with friends, or make big-batch winter comfort food for the family.


You can also opt to learn a new cocktail recipe, yoga ritual, or search out some beauty and wellbeing tips. Relax in a warm bath, enjoy some adult coloring books, or avoid the bitterest weather with an indoor picnic.

Get Outside

If you're getting cabin fever, the good news is you don't have to stay cooped up inside. Trekking new trails, riding through picturesque scenery, and taking long walks on country roads are great, low-impact ways to get your body out of the house and moving.


Grab a Packable Rain Jacket so you're ready for any weather you encounter on a winter day. Load up a Corduroy Bomber with backpack straps for easy carrying. For colder days, opt for a Soft Knit Beanie and Colorblock Scarf to keep warm while keeping the heat in. Did you know the majority of body heat is lost from the top of your head? 


For sunny days, keep sunglasses handy and, sun or not, don't forget your SPF, even in cold weather.

Sleep Escape

If you're looking for a healthy escape, a good night's sleep will do the trick. You might need artificial light or a therapy light to brighten up a winter day, but you should switch to low or warm light later in the day to prepare your body for sleep.


Make an event of your nighttime routine by lighting a seasonal candle while you read or relax, or restfully engage your mind with a puzzle instead of nightly screen time.


Block out the artificial bright light with a super-soft sleep mask. Cozy up under a weighted blanket or pile of blankets to reduce stress and improve the quality of your sleep.


We hope these suggestions help to fill your cup and connect you with new ways to find joy. Despite the distance, there are still many ways to grow, thrive, and simply be just waiting to be discovered.