Written by Meg Metzger

Here at UpWest, we recognize the value of giving back to our communities. That’s why we are initiating a national Comfort for Good Day in order to drive greater awareness of the need for kindness, and to practice a lot more of what we preach. This Monday, September 20th will mark the first of this new annual event, where we will be donating 100% of store sales to local nonprofits and 10% of online sales will be donated to RandomActs.org. And that’s not all! Our stores will remain closed until 1:00pm so that our amazing associates can spend the first half of their day volunteering with local nonprofit organizations. Our Home Office associates will be joining them by volunteering at a local nonprofit. 

Let’s face it, giving back feels really good. You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you experience when you lend a helping hand to someone in need? That is due to a release of endorphins, which contributes to lower stress and an increase in self-esteem. It’s hard to deny when their face lights up with gratitude and you are immediately flooded with joy. A seemingly selfless act of kindness, right? Well, sort of. Oddly enough, there is a selfish aspect to these altruistic gestures. It’s the other gift of giving, and it offers multiple benefits that happen to be a fundamental piece of our health and wellbeing.

Be kind, live longer

Studies show that people who volunteer report greater sense of purpose, increased happiness, and overall better health than those who do not. We all know that health and happiness contribute to longevity, so in turn, volunteering can actually help lengthen your lifespan. Who knew that helping others could be so powerful?

Stay connected

Volunteering allows you to stay connected to others, which we have all come to understand the importance of during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many nonprofit organizations are offering remote opportunities so you can give back from the comfort and safety of your own home. This can be a great way to find a sense of peace and belonging if you are one of the many who are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and depression from feeling isolated.

Fuel your soul, impact the world

It may not feel like your small acts of kindness are having much impact on the world as a whole, but every time you are flooded with those endorphins after donating your time and energy to others, you infect those around you with the warm and fuzzies too. This creates an incredible ripple effect that can actually lead to positive societal change. People like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa are prime examples of how one person can profoundly impact the world, at the same time fueling their inner spirit.

Not only are we giving back to others, we volunteers are reaping the benefits of greater happiness, stronger social connections, and a boost in our wellbeing. Not to mention helping to create positive change within our communities and beyond. So join us for Comfort-For-Good Day on September 20th to help pay it forward. Everybody wins!