There’s comfort, and then there’s UpWest Comfort.

By definition, comfort is a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. UpWest Comfort goes even deeper than that. Mind, body and spirit deeper.

It begins with UpWest’s team of empathic creatives who bonded over a sense of wanting more — more purpose, optimism, mindfulness, and comfort as a lifestyle — then blended their talents to create what is now UpWest.

The next step is the design process. “As I design, I get to create ways to help people do what they want to do and be the best version of themselves,” says Kelsey Vitullo, Head Designer of Comfort at UpWest. “I do that by finding the best fabrics, fit, and features for the most comfortable experience.”

Vitullo, a pioneer in functional fashion design, says the team researches to find the softest fabrics, from sherpa and chenille to brushed flannel and UpWest’s exclusive Fireside Fleece. “I love the details, too, like the fabric-covered buttons for extra softness, wide gauge zippers for easier use, hidden pockets for added functionality,” she explains. “Even our graphic tees have positive affirmations. They could say anything, but we mindfully chose messages to support, encourage and comfort in that way, too.”

"We mindfully chose messages to support, encourage and comfort.”

Lindy Deal, UpWest’s Curator of Comfort, says she likes to envision a person’s journey and how she can help them thrive on that path. “Curating is listening. I love listening to the things people care about, what they’re concerned about, things they’re interested in, and what brings them comfort,” she explains. “Then I find special ways to help, whether it’s candle poured into beautiful pottery you can reuse afterwards because you’re mindful about sustainability, a meditation pouf to add some extra comfort to your new morning routine, a weighted blanket to enhance your sleep, or a skincare product with CBD because of the enhanced benefits it offers.”

Whether it’s a candle, blanket, sweater or sleepwear, Deal says that everything goes through the UpWest Comfort Filter. “Comfort, to us, is feeling comforted in mind, body and spirit.,” she explains. “We find the softest fabrics out there, and then ways — like brushing and peaching — to make it even softer to deliver even more comfort. Our skincare Products enhance wellness and beauty from the inside out. Our home essentials help you create a serene, joyful, restful sanctuary.”

Deal says UpWest Comfort starts with the small details but the vision is big picture. “It’s all about helping people find balance, get comfortable and be well,” she explains. “Because when you’re comfortable, you thrive. As a person, a household, a group, a community, a world. That’s what we’re working toward. That’s UpWest Comfort.”