Imagine a place — a peaceful, beautiful place — where nature fills your senses, simplicity calms, and beauty warms your spirit. Life is easier, quieter, more comfortable here. Now, imagine that place is your home, your wardrobe, your life. Welcome to UpWest.

When you go UpWest with us, you’ll find clothes that wrap you in comfort, home essentials that surround you with calm, and wellness products that give you balance. But it’s not just about the things. It’s about the feeling you get when you’re here. It’s a comforting community where you can grow, learn, and be the best version of yourself – to thrive.

We know how stressful life can get. How quickly that calendar can fill up. How too-connected work and “social” life can be, but how easy it is to become disconnected from the things you truly enjoy. UpWest is here to help you release, rest, reconnect and renew.

How do we do it? It all starts with the UpWest team. We don’t have a CEO, we have a Chief Comfort Officer. We burn incense and have weekly Mindfulness Monday sessions, to give you an idea of how we are around here. We’re triathletes, yogis, nature seekers, energy crystal mystics, explorers, travelers and creators. But, we’re also moms, dads, soccer coaches, volunteers and balance-striving homebodies.

Each team member was hand-selected for their skills in delivering better comfort. From designers who pioneer functional fashion design, to buyers who meet with social enterprise entrepreneurs on the beach, after a surf to learn about their sustainably-made products — all puzzle pieces magnetically attracted to create something special. As Lindy Deal, UpWest’s Curator of Comfort puts it:

“There’s an energy here. It’s purposeful, positive, comfortable and irresistible. I think that shows up in everything we offer.”

A New Standard of Comfort

Our team tests every material, fit, scent and texture. Only the most mind-body-and-spirit-hugging products meet our standards. We call this our Comfort Test. Everything we offer — from comfy clothes, soft home goods and balance-inspiring essentials — must pass. Bonus points if it makes you want to curl up for a nap.

Quality is also super important to us. We want everything you find here to be your favorite thing ever. That cozy sweater you keep for years, the joggers you went back to get in every color, that candle that makes you take a deep breath every time you walk in the room.

We also believe fashion is more about function than flash. We say this because we’re increasingly mindful of product sustainability, social responsibility and how each piece helps you live your best life. We’re mindful of what you need to help you sleep, relax at home and even perform at work better, because you’ll feel better. We’re mindful of your journey toward a more harmonious and connected self.

Community is an incredibly big part of our purpose. So much so, we created a foundation and are on a mission to give back to causes important to us. We’re here to build community in other ways, too. Through helpful tips, informational how-to’s and useful updates, we’re focused on your mind, body and spirit.

That’s what you’ll find at UpWest. We’re glad you’re here.