People are replacing the usual resolutions to eliminate bad habits, hitting the gym more, or weight management with life resolutions with a higher success rate. These include learning new skills, exploring new places by taking regular trips, reflecting and recharging, and collecting moments, not things, to best experience real life.


So, here's to a new year, the year of ditching resolution life in favor of life satisfaction. Read on for a few ideas on how to journey into this fresh new year full of fulfilling adventures, quality time, and soothing comforts.

Refresh Your Space

First, let's breathe some fresh new life into the space that's been your hub for everything this past year. Grab some Palo Santo Sticks to clear out any negative energy or anxiety that's been building up. Do this regularly to make room for all the good, positive energy, creativity, and mental healing coming your way.


You can easily freshen up the look and feel of your space by switching out accessories like pillows and throws. You’ll have a great space for quiet time, which can improve your mental health. Having a new stunning design for your favorite area is a popular resolution that inspires you to make changes.


Candles can also refresh your decor. The Kin Matcha Tea + Bergamot Candle comes in a beautiful jar that can be used afterward for storage or as a planter. The Wanderlust Quartz Candle has a quartz crystal exterior. An olfactory expert will tell you that scent is a powerful way to renew the ambiance of your space, so be sure to switch up scents throughout the year.


Refresh Your Mind

Nearly 60% of respondents in this recent study said their 2021 resolution involves wanting a more positive outlook on life. Whether you want to clear the chaos and start journaling, or you'd like some time each day for meditation or mindfulness, these practices can help you focus on the present and positivity in your life.


A mindfulness expert can tell you how to create a productive morning routine based on minor physical activity, quiet time, and setting daily goals. Taking everything slowly makes it easier to make a major life decision, appreciate the quality time, and improve your life satisfaction.


Learning New Skills

More than 70% of those surveyed said they intend to learn new life skills for their resolution this year. You could explore interests such as:
  • Interior design
  • Artisan cocktails and mixing tips
  • Cooking
  • Entertaining
  • The healing power of nature


Many people use these skills to learn something new or create new life habits, while others turn this skill into a business venture.


Consider listening to podcasts like NPR’s Life Kit to gain fresh perspectives on a range of vital life skills, or invest in books on leadership to glean inspiration from some of the most successful figures in society. In addition, see if your city council is running learning programs to build new skills, from computing to plumbing.


Get Some Sleep

If you're resolving to get better sleep, one thing that helps is to make an event of your nighttime routine. Enjoy a lavender DreamWeaver bath soak or bath bomb when you have extra time, or a Sleep Tight Roll On for a sense of calm and relaxation during your on-the-go days.


Extend the effects of aromatherapy by diffusing a relaxing essential oil throughout the night. Block out the light with a super-soft sleep mask, then cozy up under a weighted blanket to reduce stress and improve your sleep quality.


Get Outside

Have a goal to be more active and adventurous? You can keep fitness goals without focusing so much on weight gain. There are benefits of exercise that deal more with cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure than activity on weight loss.


Integrating a fitness routine into your productive morning routine boosts your blood flow and heart rate naturally. Regular activity decreases your chance of cardiovascular disease while promoting muscle recovery and lean muscle growth.


Before you go outside, make sure you have the supplies. Grab a Packable Parka, so you're ready for any weather, or a Sherpa Parka with backpack straps for easy carrying. For colder days, opt for the Stay Handy Gloves or Keep Cozy Fingerless Gloves to keep warm while keeping fingers free and useful.


For sunny days, wear some sunglasses or a hat. You'll appreciate these accessories during aerobic exercise that lowers your blood pressure. And whether you're in the direct sun or not, don't skip your SPF. Stay active and healthy to decrease your chance of heart disease and prevent weight gain in a positive way.


Diet and Exercise

Traditional diet and exercise still a resolution? Cook up a new beauty regimen from The Beauty Chef Book, which offers great ideas and recipes. The book combines the joy of cooking time with the science of nutrition for glowing skin. You’ll learn how to make healthy food choices in real life, mix cooking time with kid time, and experience bits of culture, like Ethiopian food.


Quality cookbooks can also teach you how to harness your health superpowers, lower your blood sugar, and eliminate food waste. These are all great life resolutions, so now’s your chance to learn them while changing your life habits.


Also, making your yoga practice area more inviting increases the likelihood of using it. Whether you're just beginning or already a pro, there's a perfect yoga mat. Keep it fresh with this Yoga Mat Refresher with aromatic tea tree and lavender. Regular yoga as one of your life resolutions can lower your blood pressure and improve your social life if you attend classes.


Focus On Progress

No matter your resolution, it's essential to focus on progress, not perfection. You don’t need to make a major life decision to start changing—individual goals like improving fitness and prioritizing your social life counts as progress, too.


Focus more on kid time doing STEM activities instead of screen time. Follow a fitness routine on a regular basis to increase your heart rate and blood flow. Take regular trips and explore happy and long-lived cultures to break up your daily routine.


Avoid harsh deadlines to achieve these new life resolutions, as they can be detrimental to your mental health. Instead, set some dates to check in with yourself throughout the year to track and reflect on your progress. No matter how big or small the goal or progress cheers to you and your softer, calmer, comfort-filled year of retreats ahead.