Despite popular belief getting a spa treatment does not have to be expensive. You don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Creating a spa experience at home is the perfect solution to a stressful day, week, or life. An at-home spa allows you to relax at home on a budget.

Here are eight steps to help you create your home spa sanctuary: 

1. Choose A Space

Choose a quiet, private space in your home where you can create your DIY spa experience. This could be a spare bedroom, a corner of your living room, or even your bathroom. Find a place you can exist peacefully in for at least two hours without interruptions.

2. Get Your Favorite Products

You should get all your favorite skincare products and spa items in one place. No one wants to start their spa day only to keep going back and forth for things.

Items to include are:

  • Facial exfoliants
  • Facial steaming device
  • Face serums
  • Bath oils
  • Dry brushing brush
  • Scented candle
  • Body and facial treatments
  • Lip masks
  • Sheet mask
  • Cozy robe
  • Bath salts
  • Bubble bath liquid or Bath bomb
  • An adequate supply of hot water
  • Hair masks
  • Eye masks
  • Body wash
  • Body cream or body butter
  • Body oils
  • Beauty tools (jade roller, gua sha, massager, etc) 

You don't need all these items to have a fantastic spa time. You can pick a few and start from there. However, having more options ensures you can have a long, relaxing DIY spa experience and feel as pampered as you would at a salon or spa.

3. Set the Mood

You need ambient mood lighting to truly immerse yourself in your DIY spa session. Create a calming ambiance using dim lighting, scented candles, and soothing music. You can also incorporate essential oils or aromatherapy to help ensure a calming experience.

4. Make It Comfortable

Choose comfortable seating options such as a plush armchair or chaise lounge or add some floor cushions to make your space cozy and inviting. If your bathtub is uncomfortable, add a folded fluffy towel to where you'll rest your head. This will ensure you can soak in peace.

Use soft, fluffy towels, and heat your towel warmer if you have one. Get out your softest robe and facial steamer for the ultimate spa vibes. Prepare your favorite drink, snack, and DIY spa treatments like an exfoliation product or hair mask.

5. Start With The Hair

The key to a relaxing and beneficial DIY spa session is to always start with hair. If you usually have a pre-shampoo hair mask or extra scalp treatment, put it in before you start gathering your other spa tools and products. You can do a scalp massage before this to get the blood flowing to your scalp and help you begin to relax.

Putting a pre-shampoo hair mask first gives it time to sit and work while you pick out your music, fix a drink with beauty benefits like turmeric tea, order or make snacks, and set up your ambient mood lighting.

You'll then shampoo your hair twice or thrice using warm water to remove the oils, dead skin, and dirt. Put on your hair mask or deep conditioner, and start your shower routine.

6. Improve Shower Time

Elevate a basic shower routine to a spa routine by starting with a dry brushing session. You can do this while your pre-shampoo hair mask sits if you'd set up our space, tools, and products before you put it on. However, you can also do it after you wash your hair as long as you fully dry off. 

You'll then take a hot bath with a bath bomb or bubble bath if you're a bath lover. Alternatively, you can shower with warm water, using a bar soap first to remove the dirt and grime, followed by an exfoliating product like a body scrub or AHA/BHA body wash to remove dead skin cells. You'll then finish with a hydrating body wash to rehydrate and soothe your dry skin.

After your shower, you can relax in a warm bath with bath salts and essential oils. 

7. Skin Care

You cannot leave the spa without a little skincare routine. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser if it's morning, or double cleanse with an oil cleanser followed by a hydrating cleanser if it's nighttime.

Put your favorite sheet mask on clean skin and sit with it for 10 to 20 minutes. You can do this while having a relaxing bath experience with your favorite cream mask in your hair.

Once you’re out of the bath, you can put on your gel masks, serums, creams, and oils for a truly elevated experience.

8. Finish With A Massage

Once you've rinsed off your hair mask and body after your bath, it's time for your spa experience to peak. A foot massage, glass-skin massage, back massage, or full-body massage is the perfect way to end your spa session.

If you have a best friend or partner, it's time to put them to work. If not, consider investing in an electric body massager. There's nothing quite like getting a massage on a clean, exfoliated body and scalp.

Final Word

Setting up a home spa is simple and affordable. If you already have our favorite products, you can have a spa experience in your home anytime you wish. With the right music and ambient lighting, you can kiss your troubles goodbye and relax.